Lights of Wood

Someone tried to cure the resin with the Wood lights ?


mauro campana

Formlabs resin uses UV light to cure. What do you mean by “Wood Lights”? Do they cast UV light? :slight_smile:

I believe @MauroCampana is referring to a black light.

Yes, " Wood Lights " and " Black Light " is the same tipe of lights:

I have a stripe of wood lights and I want to try for cure the resin.

We made a tutorial for building your own UV Curebox here:

It uses a 36W nail light so as long as your wood lights are equal to or greater than that wattage you should be fine.

Thanks Jordan

I made a cure box with a old small oven that I have.
I used the LEDs at 405nm and “Black Light” LEDs that I had ( about 100 watts total ) and it seems it works.

I wish you a happy weekend.

mauro campana

<img src="//" width=“516” height=“500”

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