Laser spot shape? what does yours look like? mine has square halo

I was having similar problems to many of you––failed prints with explosions, ragging, and rough surface finish. I ran the laser spot test test and saw a bad spot. While the laser spot test is a powerful tool to help determine the shape of the laser hitting your build surface, it is important to note, that spot is the result of the entire optical path. While a bad spot can be the result of a flawed laser, it can also be the result of dirty mirrors. Mirrors can get dirty from dust, resin spills, and fingerprints. Often times it is very difficult to see that the mirrors are dirty. When I cleaned the mirrors thoroughly. my Form 1 began working wonderfully again.

Below are two pictures of the same mirror. Under normal light the mirror looks fine. With the light of a smartphone flash pointed at the mirror from the back of the printer (where the laser emits from), the smudges become apparent. Check out this support article for mirror cleaning tips: . My preferred mirror cleaning technique involves kimwipes and isopropyl alcohol. I spray some alcohol on the kimwipe and apply pressure while wiping upward on the mirror  slowly (about 1cm / sec). I repeat about 5 times to get remove all smudges.

Of course, if problems persist, you should certainly reach out to our customer support team and they’ll get you back up and running again. Hope this helps!

Would someone look at these spot tests I have done. FWIW these pictures are not good, my laser has a round halo with a very sharp bright dot in the middle. I took two of them through a red filter which gives a better indication of what I see.

I am getting artefacts, slime on the print, rough lines blurry not well defined supports (they seem to print joined up) and I have to keep filtering my resin. I am not sure if my optics are clean. I have cleaned them once, but the galvo mirrors are very hard to do.

What do you think - laser or optics ?