Large Solids printing correctly?

this isn’t that exciting of a project and because of NDA’s I can’t share much besides the half azz picture you see. My question is when printing solid parts with no hollowing (most of the parts I print I hollow out) how successful have you been? My client needs this printed solid but its a whopping 350ml print thats going to take 21 hours and has to be printed about 4 times!! I’m just curious if you all have done any prints of this magnitude before.

I have printed this one particular part several times. It was not a solid object but had extremely thick walls and base. Including supports it was over 400ml and took about 24 hrs. This piece has threading, slots for o-rings and an added quick release connector. Each time this part printed with no errors and was dimensionally accurate.

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Also there is this, courtesy of @Frew :slight_smile:


that is quite impressive!!!

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Amazing examples thanks this makes me feel better doing that long of a print !