Just another type of chair

Hi all there,

Herewith the puzzle-chair designed by Joris Laakman, a Dutch industrial designer.
Most of the parts (61) are printed by a FDM printer, but the corner and white connection pieces (28) are printed by a Formlabs 2. Reason is that it had to be rigid and drillable, for the white connection parts are secured by a parker screw.
Besides a lot of filament and resin, you need also a few broomsticks for the legs. Also a lot of patience and time. (a few months)
You can realy sit on it, allthough don’t be scare by the crackling sounds. (you don’t need any glue!)

René Duijvelshoff, NL.


nice. Not that I would want you to test it, but I wonder what the weight limit is!

@kevinduhe I would definitely be more comfortable sitting in a version where the leg connectors were printed in Durable resin (and you can paint them white very easily!)


But aren’t the connectors better off being more rigid and stronger, rather than flexible and more impact resistant?

…I guess it depends how you sit down :joy:

I would personally make them using Tough resin.

@areffelt Tough would also be a good choice. By suggesting Durable, I was optimizing for failure mode; gradual creep (in the case of Durable) vs. sudden catastrophic brittle fracture (for GP resins). Tough would fall between those two closer to Durable and would be a good choice, but again since it’s a chair I’d rather have it flex than shatter and as you alluded to you can’t really predict how people will sit down in your chair.

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I think Tough will be a good alternative for standard white, but resin is far way stronger than ABS filament. Corner pieces (4 for each corner) were also printed with standard black and white resin, they bear the legs.

Herewith the proof…
But it is more art than for daily use…


What printer did you use for the FDM pieces?

Both Leapfrog Creatr HS and Ultimaker 3