Jewelry Components Printed at 25 Micron

Here are some components I’ve printed which I intend to mold as master patterns.

Those are great, Jesse!  Make sure to post some shots after you make the molds and the castings.

Yes, they look great!

What was the print times on these? They look great.

Thanks a lot guys, over all pretty happy with the results. Print time was around 6hrs Jonathan.

Jesse, did you print one at a time or all together?

Hi Jonathan, yes they were all printed at the same time.

Jesse - have you been able to mold your parts? Were they successful? I picked up some Castaldo resin over the weekend and I’m planning on doing a mold of a ring just to see how well it works.

Hi Steven, I had RTV molds done with a casting house. Castaldo looks like good gear, good luck with your test molding.

Hi Jesse,

just wondering, how did you make the supports? Did you do it on preform?
grtz, Maurice

Hey man, looks neat. Share images of the finished product if you will ahve a chance.

Cold Mold compound sold from Contenti works well with these plastics, no degassing needed. Make sure you put a light coat of release on the parts and use mica powder for your separations.

Parts should look really nice.