It would be VERY NICE to be able to move supports away from small prints

Here is a download link for the .form file:

@Zachary_Brackin, you are correct. The model geometry is not physically intersecting. This is where there should probably be a proximity warning or similar.

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Thanks. We’ll have a look at what’s going on. Obviously there should be more clearance in that case.

It’s been a bug forever…

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I figure it can’t be a bad idea and agree with @ChristopherBarr, this has been a problem from day one. It has never been properly addressed. I just stopped complaining about it.

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Not at all a solution, but for uploading files, check out - you can choose to send an email directly, or generate a link, like I had posted above. You don’t need an account unless you wish to send more than 2GB.

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