IR absorption of the clear resin

I am considering using the clear resign to do closure of IR senders and receivers. Is there any information on how “transparent” to IR it is?


You can polish the hell out of the clear resin but I am not sure about passage of IR… you could try a small sample and attempt to polish/paint it and see how it does

There is a thread about how clear the polishing works

search for “The clear resin can be polished?”

Good luck

Acrylics and acrylates are the normal go-to polymers for IR transmission, so the base polymer is ideal. The concern is the UV opaque additives that are added to make the resin react to the UV laser. Without knowing what these are, you are probably in the suck it and see area. I think it is very likely to work just fine.

I guess I need to try and see the difference with and without then.
Considering the complexity of sourcing these kind of parts, it would be a great use of the form for work as well if I could make custom IR transparent parts.

Hi Francesco,
Did it work for you? I am also curious about the IR absorption.

We gave up and used a proper material for that product