IPA Rinse in Ultrasonic cleaner

I’m planning to use ultrasonic cleaner for IPA rinse for finished prints. I have searched this forum as thoroughly as I can, but still not very clear, so asking for advice specially about safety and also efficiency.

So my plan is to place the print in 70% IPA in Pyrex beaker closed with lid which is in ultrasonic cleaner filled with normal soap/water solution for 1-2 minutes.

I would appreciate any advice or opinions.
Thank you!

I am using an ultra sonic cleaner (battery powered) which is closed off so possible leakages won’t create a shortcircuit as IPA is obviously very flammable. I would be very careful using one if I were you as not all of them are “watertight” when some water/IPA is spilled over the top.

After rinsing the prints for 2 minutes in the ultrasonic cleaner, I do still wash off the remaining residu in the original wash tanks. Probably curing it in the ultrasonic cleaner for longer might do the trick, but I prefer that the prints do not come in contact with IPA for long as it deforms when leaving it in too long. So using my finger (with gloves) to wash off the remaning residu after the ultrasonic clean gives me the best effect. Furthermore it is only exposed to IPA for 3 minutes.

Though it depends on the print what to use best. Sometimes “big” waves are much more effective than small ultrasonic waves.

Hello Dukno_Yoon,

I’ve tryed to use a ultrasonic cleaner a year ago. Only when I got realy small/tiny pieces this was meaningful.
But before check out the safety. If I could remember I have read about some experiments about that from aerospace.
They take the piece in a plastic bag filled with IPA and put that in water which is filled in the ultrasonic cleaner.
If I find the link I will post it.

Safety first :wink:

Ha yes it’s in the data :wink: look here: Using volatile solvents in an ultrasonic cleaner
James wrote about it.

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