Integration requests for Formlabs API?

Just wanted to add that I’d very much appreciate the ability to connect to an API, either to the machines themselves or a web API.

At least the ability to get info on what’s happening (current job status, time left, etc) and, beyond that, the ability to start a job in the queue.

I manage a maker space and REALLY could use some kind of tool that shows the status of all of our printers (from various manufacturers) so having this ability to program something in JavaScript (NodeJS) or Python would be a massive help for staff and students.

Without machines having some kind of API or network protocol, there is no way to do this. Every machine becomes isolated using only it’s own software (or web dashboard) and it’s own protocols.

Yes to at the very least being able to read printer status (with useful details), ability to start pre-print procedures on printers - and perhaps a way to trigger the Cure machines to start the warm up process. With no network ports on these it would likely have to be through a computer / raspberry pi connected to the USB port, but should be pretty doable.

And home assistant integration definitely a plus for me as well.


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