Integrate overlapping bases

In scenarios where the bases touch and overlap a bit, it would be ideal to integrate them so that the laser was not overcooking the juice in this area. It would also make sense to remove the ‘lifting tangs’ in these areas. It does not make sense that the supports would need to be regenerated to do this optimization.

In my experience, overlapping the bases does not cause any issues. For several months now I have been purposely overlapping parts so they come of the build platform in all one piece, as well as the idea of saving on materials. I have some cylindrical designs that I print vertically. They don’t have caps, but the support builder always makes platform across the whole thing…so I put smaller parts within them to save space.

Hi Kuhns,
That’s a good idea about using the space inside another part, cool! As for overlapping as a user method, I’m not saying don’t do it, I do it too, I’m just saying the software should not cook that area twice with the laser (saves time and PDMS in that area), and also to not generate the lifting angular things (I’m calling them tangs for lack of a better word). This too would save on laser time and some amount of material. I’m mean they’re totally useless anyway in those locations…

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