Imperial dimensions / Scaling and others

I have been going through the learning curve of using preform and netfab to start printing architectural models. (the reason I bought the Form1).

I am gathering the once a part in the print volume is selected you are able to change the model units per part. Meaning I can have metric and imperial parts both in the same build volume. - okay great. However when I select an imperial part and open the SIZE dialog, it shows its sale as 1.0 (which is good) but the XYZ are in mm.

I am requesting that if the part if an imperial part, its XYZ bounding box should be shown in imperial units.
I am also requesting to have a “target size” when scaling similar to netfabs.

Again, these are very specific requests geared to a workflow that deals with very technical parts when it comes to size and scale. I am sure that user in the engineering field could also benefit from a slightly more details way to size and scale parts in the print volume.