Immediately after taking your build out

What type of post processing do most do on their parts?



My personal procedure is to allow the model to stay in the printer for 15-20 minutes to let any resin drip off, Then transfer to a polypropanol bath for 10-1`5 minutes- see the formlabs guide, I then post cure for 30-60 minutes in a small UV sterilizer booth I bought on ebay, remove the support structure and if necessary bath the model again (removing the supports sometimes shows uncured resin that is best washed off) and then another 20 minutes in the UV booth. I filter the propyl alcohol through a 50 micron sieve and paper kitchen towel to remove all the particulate resin in the alcohol - its expensive stuff and filtering makes it good for 2-3 times as long as just replacing.


@JasonSpiller any recommendations on the uv booth?

I bought this one on ebay:

It might need a while to cure larger objects - sometimes several hours, but it doesn’t discolour (not that i could notice) and you can fit several large pieces at once.