I'm Making toys!

So I have been making some toys and selling them online~ I am planning on making more complicated things as I learn how to make molds and buy equipment. Here are somethings I have made recently, they are all printed on .1 grey setting, and are about 2 inches tall.


The first two pictures where the eyes are red make them look a little possessed. Otherwise they are all very cute, nice work.

haha thanks! They are a bit less intense in real life :slight_smile:

These toys are really cool! Thanks for sharing this.

Where are you selling these?


I’m selling on Etsy :slight_smile: It just charges a small fee to post there so its a nice place to sell things~ I want to make a website in the future tho.

Nice stuff!
Check out Smooth-On.com
They have the supplies and tutorials for molds. Most of which do not require any special equipment.

yeah they are pretty great! so far they are really the only company I have been able to find haha