I need pictures for an april fools joke!

So we’re expecting a form1 at work, but to prank my boss for april fools i’d like to make him think we got one tomorrow!  Can anyone provide pictures of the box that i can tape to a box to get him?!


David, I get the sarcasm, but surely you can think of something better?

Perhaps, the old airhorn under the desk chair? The “head in the jar” fridge prank, is also particularly new and fresh? Kind of macabre, though. … or there are dozens of ideas on instructables if you are struggling for ideas …

Ironically, I happen to have a brand new, unused and empty, Form 1 box. :wink:

BTW: If you need anything printed, let me know. I’d be happy to help while you’re waiting!


not looking to do anything serious…pictures would work

BTW: I meant actually printing parts off a Form1, not printing of the pics of the box logos … although I do admire your imagination.

Let me know if I can help, for the former.