I have 35 Grey V3 Empty Cartridges For Sale

Make a offer…
Never refilled
Long Island New York

Just out of curiosity, are these from the same printer? After 35 cartridges, what would you say is your overall success rate?

Our success rate is 98%. Occasionally we have a dental model that is not settled onto the build platform and it does not print. Other than that, we are extremely happy with our 2 Form 2’s.

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What exactly can one do with an empty cartridge? I was told that in open mode you have to put resin directly into the tray and can’t dispense via the cartridge?

Formlabs should have a cartridge recycling program…

There is a way to reprogram the chip to make the printer believe the cartridge hasn’t been used or to change the resin type. This can be useful to print in closed more using a third party resin in which works well with the printing settings of one of Formlabs’ own resin.


Tell us what that way is please ! I, for one, would like to know.

I am not into this kind of stuff, but there is a post somewhere on formlabs forums that describes the procedure.