I almost have this worked out

I bought the formlabs printer specifically for casting jewelry, found out no caster near me would cast the castable resin, but I found one who would make silicon molds from either the castable of the regular resin. That was a relief. Here are a few pieces I’ve made with this process.


<img src="/uploads/formlabs/original/2X/c/cacfef6fc5f45e9d6432c9b4c92732c1b0651c7d.jpg" width=“500” height=“500”>


Very nice Kathleen, particularly like the facial expressions, any idea what silicon they use? Mine reacts with cured & uncured resin which is annoying because I’m casting to make master patterns for moulding. It would be great if I could miss out the initial casting step.

He uses a yellow silicon. There are about 7 silicon and rubbers available for molds, but only the yellow and the clear would work with resin models.


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These look great! You might check out this thread for casting houses that work with Formlabs Resin.

I appreciate you pointing me there, but I’ve already been. I got ghosted by a couple of those places, the rest were just too far away. And anyway, I’m in the land of the casters in New York. I had a bunch of local people turn me down. One was nice enough to explain why. He said he didn’t want to change his setup for a few jobs and more often than not the pieces weren’t properly cured, which is a huge waste of time and resources… I showed another friend who does casting the burnout schedule and he said FIFTEEN HOURS??? That’s when I decided to look at different options.



Hi Kathleen,

Beautiful work!! :slight_smile:
You should try Bluecast castable resin for jewelry. It needs NO curing at all and prints really well, Only needs a fast alcohol bath and air dry for a 30 minutes and it is ready to be cast. It can be cast with regular wax burnout schedules or even a fast 2 hour burnout. I’ve had my pieces cast by 2 different casting houses with no issues at all. It is cheaper than formlabs castable resin and produces clean and smooth castings. Check their information here: Test of Blue-Cast: compatible and castable resin or on facebook https://www.facebook.com/BlueCast3d/
The Bluecast resin is sold by 3D Garage and their customer service is fantastic, check them out https://www.facebook.com/3dgarage.bg/
Good luck!


Bluecast resin comes from Italy, but they ship everywhere. I am in Canada and my shipment arrived in just 4 days via Fedex.

Your pieces are beautiful Kathleen!
Do you finish them with liver of sulphur and brush for highlights?

Yes. Liver of sulfur but more than brushing. I think they are silicone thingies I used for the highlights. That punched more.

And thank for the compliment.