How to set the off set X and Y axis Values on LPU alignment LAP test on form3L


I have changed my Form3L LPU ( did the print test for laser alignment LAP)- now i have to set the values from the lap test results. Please if someone did the same, how you checked them?

thank you

Hi @Mim,

Sorry for the late response but wanted to make sure you were able to get this done. If you haven’t already reached out to our Support Team, I would advise you do so; they can get you the guide on how to run the calibration and answer any questions you might have about the process.

Hello Corey,

Could you please send me a replacement LPU? I would like to get this machine up and running again.

Thank you!


Hi @andrewcwood,

Our Support team will be able to send you a replacement LPU if necessary. Please reach out to them in order to sort this out as efficiently as possible.

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