How to print a logo with each color a different depth or height?

How would I go about converting logos such as these to an stl file that will print where the model is maybe 4" tall and each object and or font is a different depth. Maybe 1/2- 3/4 inch thick. like a paperweight… Is there a tutorial that will show me how to do this type of work?

You could try this route:
or put the picture into a CAD program like SolidWorks convert it to a sketch entity and extrude each area out to different depths.

Thanks! Problem is I work on a Mac and they don’t make a version for us freaks. Some do run it in Parallels in Windows, but the company will not stand behind it on a Mac and the performance suffers a lot. Have to find something similar but Mac friendly…

Well I’m at a loss there, may as well be alien technology!
But if I get some free time this weekend I’ll see what I can do, no promises though!!!

If you are handy with adobe illustrator, you can convert your file into an .eps and import it into several programs. It creates a flat poly of your eps which you can extrude.

It only works for black and white though, so you’ll have to cut your logo into several parts; horse, text, background and maybe more. Then either print them separately and glue them with resin and uv, or weld them together in your 3d program.

You’re giving yourself a real nice challenge!

The 3D printer software Cura for FDM machines can do this, and then export an stl file. I believe there is a mac version.

@Jerald_Shindledecker here are a couple variations of lithophanes or “LithoForms” made using Processing 2.2.1
Of course an actual CAD file would be far better but these did turn out pretty clear for liths.
Anyway hope you like em and If you print them be sure to share pictures of them!!!

I would think you would need a bored designer with 3d modeling skills along with lots of paint and time. there is a polyjet style printer that could do it from 3d systems but you would still need a 3d model and a really expensive machine to do it in.

Well, I didn’t realize I was presenting such a task. Evidently it is being done as shown by these examples. Guess there ARE some really bored designers… or maybe just visionaries!

The soccer kid was done in pieces and welding together. I’d say they look pretty good .

Looks like the 3D “Medal” was done in 2 pieces and put together, too.

Hi, I am learning now to do the exact thing. I am using Rhinoceros 5 and RhinoEmboss 2 to do the job. RhinoEmboss 2 is pretty easy to use. Hope this helps.

Check this out:

Thanks! Looks exactly like the way to go. Appreciate the help! I have to convert the logo to outlines in Illustrator first to get it to to perform this in RhinoEmboss2.

Glad I could help you :wink: Also RhinoEmboss can do the job to convert the logo to outlines but in Illustrator you can fine tune your work. If you download trial versions of Rhinoceros 5.0 and RhinoEmboss 2.0 it is possible that RE 2.0 will give you an error message such as expired license. Email the guys from RE and they will gladly supply an trial license. Good luck!

What is the cost for the Rhino 5.0 and is the RhinoEmboss plug-in included or extra and if so, it’s cost ?

RhinoEmboss is a plugin for Rhinoceros 5. It is around 500 euros. Rhinoceros 5 is 1000 euros. If you are living in Europe add VAT. This is a package for professional use of course. Perhaps many users of the Form1+ are skilled designers too.

Otherwise you can try a free package such as Autodesk 123D Design. In principle the idea is simple: make an outline of the logo then extrude. But for the “magic touch” such subtle curvatures you need a professional software and of course a lot of work.