How to clean transparent parts?

Hello everyone, I’m quite new and might need a help to clean a printed part with transparent resin, developed with a Form 2.
I removed the internal supports and cleaned what was left of them from the inner surface; sadly, the same surface now is clearless, even if much smoother, due to the sand paper attrition.
I’d like to have a similar optical quality of the model holding the Sziget cards inside, just with the finer layers of printed resin.
Can I fix it using a wet mop with alcohol, or something like that?

Gio Dorian


This is normal with clear resin.Once you sanded it you created scratches that dull the surface.You can make it clear again by sanding the surface using progressively finer sandpaper and then polishing the surface and applying a gloss clear coat clear coat.

I use 600, 800,100,1500 and 2000 grit sandpaper and then I polish the part with NOVUS plastic polish.That comes with a coarse and fine polish.After that you may have a nice clear surface.If not you can either dip the part in Future floor polish or use a gloss clear coat from a spray can.

I made a magnifying lens and I made some clear canopies using this technique.


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You would be absolutely amazed at what you can achieve with a couple of light coats of any cheap automotive clear lacquer spray. I don’t normally find I need to go below 400grit as the lacquer fills any remaining scratches.

You can definitely go with the methods mentioned above, as they will get you a part much clearer. However, if you’re not looking for anything too crystal clear, I will always wipe my part down with mineral oil and rub that in. That may be able to get you the clarity you’re looking for.