How to Anonymize or Delete Print History in Dashboard?

I have a Form 3 that will be shared among multiple users. Due to some external contracting constraints, I need to be sure that each user isn’t seeing what the others are printing.

It’s OK if details like print time, resin type, resin quantity, etc. are shared among users, but the name of the print and the preview image need to be hidden. (Understood that the users could simply anonymize the name of the file before uploading, but I don’t want to rely on people remembering to actually do that every time they print.)

Will it be possible for one user to use the Dashboard to see the filename and a preview image of what another user has printed? If so, is there a way to delete or hide prints in the Dashboard?

Hello @csahagun ,

Thank you for the Preform feedback - this currently isn’t an option, so I’ve submitted product feedback with this request.

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