Hole maker to prevent blowout when printing thingiverse items

When I design I add a hole to prevent blowouts.  But since this is not a concern with some printers, there is no consideration if the designer has a different printer.  For example, I downloaded a vase from Thingiverse.com, I want to print it but I can guarantee a blowout if I try to print it.  There is only a stl file, no design file.  I want to make a small hole in the bottom and patch it after printing but can not.

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Interesting idea! PreForm is definitely more of a layout and pre-preparation tool, at the moment, but this is an interesting idea. Printing on the Form 1+ definitely introduces some different design paradigms that require different tools. This’ll be passed on!

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I second this one. Sculpteo on-line tools has a cool feature that places holes very similar to how Preform places supports. This would be cool to have in Preform.

Hole maker would help not just on Thingyverse parts but any parts that are hollow.

Being able to define the location an size of the hole would be nice too