Can we print a vase on the Form2? PreForm is never happy? :-(

For instance, this one:

How am I supposed to print this on the FORM2?
It doesn’t matter how I rotate it. PreForm is always complaining about something. And since I want a nice surface finish on the sides I guess it should be fine to print this one directly on the build platform?
But then PreForm is complaining about the cup that’s formed which is probably going to be an issue during printing, isn’t it?

Keep in mind that most of what you’l find on thingiverse is designed to be printed on an FDM machine, which is a fundamentally different way of 3D printing and so the constraints aren’t the same.

As for the cup, you can solve this by placing a Ø2-3mm venting hole on the side, near the bottom.

I think John is correct.
But then I looked at the file from Thingiverse, and the model is solid, designed to be printed with 0% infill and no top layer to get the vase effect on an FDM printer.
If you’re not doing any modifications to hollow it out, you should be able to print this directly on the build platform right side up or upside down. And if you are modifying it to hollow it out, you can have a vent hole.
If it were already hollowed, like the shell version of this Thing: Spiral Vase by MikeP-NZ - Thingiverse, and you wanted to print it without modifying the mesh, I think you could probably get away with turning it upside down in preform and just supporting the rim, like so: 40%20AM. Of course, PreForm is still complaining that the model is under-supported here, but I’m pretty confident from experience that the angle/change between layers is small enough and the cross-sectional area low enough that this should print fine.

Thanks guys.
I will give it a try printing it with just supports on the rim as suggested above!

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