HELP. The same file has a different size when I use different resin

I printed the same object with Clear resin and Black resin, but the size is different and I don’t know why?

As you can see, this should fit with both prints, because is the same file and also has the same layer thickness

Which resin versions? Did you cure them the same way and same ambient temp?

Clear V02 and Black V02. Yes, the same way with both

Curious, but same printer too?

Yes, the same printer

Scan them into your design software, and check the deviation from the clear to the black(since the clear seems to be the correct dimensions.) I have had issues with some of my modeling since the newest resin versions have come out and the firmware updates have been installed. Normally, we use the grey resin and then added the dental model. It worked just fine with the settings that I had developed for solid models and removable die models…then the updates(and the cold weather), and I have experienced the same issues as you. There is a slight difference between the two resins that wasn’t an issue before.

I am pretty sure there is different levels of shrinkage, during post curing, with the different types of resin. I didn’t find anything on the data sheets, so I can’t say for sure, but I have noticed it with different versions of the same resin. Did you post cure all the pieces for the same amount of time?

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I agree with HPCreations. Smooth-on casting resins also vary in shrinkage and I’m assuming its the same for the Formlabs.

Yes, I know with BlueCast there was significant shrinkage if you waited too long before investing (embedding the pieces in plaster). I believe they addressed that issue. The Formlabs Castable V2 shrunk a little. Since I create a lot of little bezel settings for small stones, it just took a little experimentation to figure out how much…I now know that if I create a hole that’s 2.15mm it will fit a 2mm stone exactly. However, it can also sometimes depend on the print orientation…if I print a pendant vertical versus printing at an angle.


I have also encountered this as well. When you want 2 parts that should fit together, both pieces need to be oriented in the same angle/position.

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Excellent point…I actually had never even thought about doing that. I do have some jewelry designs I haven’t printed yet that would interlock, the whole reason I bought a printer in the first place. Shapeways just wasn’t cutting it.


During our testing we’ve definitely noticed there are different clearances needed for each resin. Whether it is due to the shrinkage or due to the print settings being different for each resin or for other reasons.
Gray comes out on the small side requiring none to very little (~0.05mm) clearance.
Clear Is somewhere in the middle with clearance of 0.1mm for great fitment.
Black was on the bigger side but I do not remember exact clearances as we do not use it anymore.

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