Green Recycling/Top up in UK/EU & or 3rd Party Resin/Tray Services/Suppliers?

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While I have been waiting for the Form 2 Printer to be delivered I have been trying to find services & products that forfill UK and EU Green obligations, to reduce Co2 emissions and waste within the Manufacturing supply chain within the UK or EU and equally direct at FormLabs themselves. Mirroring how you can do this, both save money and the planet with most other consumables with no success as yet.

Not too dissimilar to using a printer ink cartridges recycling service and even being able to buy recycled printer ink and or cartridges at any supermarket and or a top up pack for coffee with less packaging than a whole jar. The same principle on the trays for seeing this, but unfortunately in the US. Even being able to send back trays to Formlabs Germany or one of their reseller so FormLabs can better recycle/renew effectively and pass the Green saving on to both the world and the customer surely makes more sense, more so as I am sure that same obligation actually applies to them?

The alternative is alternative providers of compatible resin and trays that will simply do this and any recommendations with the UK or EU (outside UK/EU is more cost and more CO2.

The last not in the title is services for the IPA baths as its better per the Green obligations to use recycled IPA and and IPA service which again is less costly for obvious reasons and any recommendations within the UK or EU.

It really does seem a huge oversight on FormLabs to not make sure such a Green obligation (operating in the EU) has not been thought out and put in place via partnerships other than resellers on their site, so I or any customer can easily access such and as they form a crucial part of the manufacturing supply chain themselves.

Any help, advice and recommends most welcome and I am likely more conscious than most due to the socially aware work I am doing in relation to disability accessibility and STEM.

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Just about all the ‘Green Saving’ schemes I’ve seen have turned out to be subsidy scams.

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