Gluing glass/borosilicate to High Temp resin

Hello! I’m trying to make a heat exchanger where I print the complicated geometry in high temp resin with sockets for borosilicate tubes (the bulk of the exchanger).

Can someone recommend a good glue/adhesive to make a permanent bond? I don’t care about appearance/maintaining transparency. Cooling medium will be water and temperatures will stay below ~140 degrees F.


Hi @belward,

Thanks for reaching out! For some general recommendations, we’ve seen good results with cyanoacrylates and epoxies. If the part needs to maintain some level of flexibility or elongation, a flexible urethane adhesive could also work. It would also be worth double checking to ensure that the adhesive used will hold up at that temperature, although I don’t believe this will be an issue at up to 140 °F.

quite some time ago in another career I used to safety test home appliances,
which included thermal testing to the products extreme, occasionally these appliances would catch on fire.
Our adhesive of choice for thermocouples and other items, was Loctite 380 (aka black max)

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