Fuse Blast: Polisher Update

The Fuse Blast has been an extremely beneficial piece of equipment and greatly improves blasting consistency. I am hoping the Polishing attachment/upgrade may take finished quality to another level, but it has remained a well-kept secret. I’ve heard that larger plastic spherical media will be used, but besides that have not found any updates on its functionality or the release timeline (besides Q2 2024).

Has anyone heard of a tentative release date or any other details about the Polish upgrade?

Side Note on Glass Media Embedment:
I only found information regarding this issue through customer support, so I figure I should get it out there. The glass media used in the Fuse Blast was not being changed frequently enough, and it began embedding into Nylon SLS printed parts. This left a faint white residue on the part surface which caused significant problems during the dye process with splotches and overall dye color/depth (going for black and ended up slightly blue).