Blaster media Fuse 1 series

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We are running three Fuse 1 printers and 1 blast cabinet from Normfinish 3D Solid Clean

We are having some issues with the media. The media we are using are wearing out very fast (like within 3 hours of blasting) and the filter in the Normfinish blaster does not do a very good job of filtering the powder from the media.

As im troubleshooting this i started to wonder what you lot are using,

So im asking you sls gurus out there in the wild, what media sizes are you using and do you use it for cleaning or polishing?

Thank you and i hope you are all well and wish you a happy holiday in advance.

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For reference:
Blasting media: Glassbeads 300-400µm
Material used is PA12 Nylon GF

We are having great success with Nylon 12 GF blasting it with Glass Bead, 90-120

Yes… the media does get contaminated often with the SLS dust… but we factor this in to the “already high cost of parts” running this system… I try to put just enough media in to do a few chambers of parts but we are replacing the blast media frequently.

Then we blow them off with an air compressor and run them for 25 minutes at 195 degrees F in a commercial restaurant steam cooker

Like this one

We went with the Graphite colored Die versus the Black as it seemed to look better on the parts in our opinion. I’ve only cleaned the tank out once in the past year… I just add a splash of die once in a while to freshen it up with the dish soap and white vinegar already in it. If the parts start to come out “green” or discolored I flush out the tank and reset it.

We rack em on the included rack or use baskets for smaller parts

Then we pull them out and rinse them off then we blow them off quick with the air compressor to then set them up with a fan on them till they dry.

If the Fuse 1+ is behaving … this finishing process has been flawless.

Then we bag em

More than what you asked for… but yea we go through a lot of glass bead but I also blast our CNC aluminum parts in the same blast cabinet. So, I am already cycling out the glass bead frequently and replacing it with Garnett and so on…

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Good morning @LEADNAV

Thank you for this, very much detailed description of your process.

We have a larger scale production so this would not work for us.

But always interesting to see how other manufacturers go about their processes.

Cheers Leadnav.

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