Formlabs “unofficial Discord” Needs some love

I was browsing around looking at older threads and found a few referencing a Formlabs “unofficial” discord run by users i believe.

Its sad that its so quiet… It could totally use some love! -

The older topic was closed on here. - I’m really surprised in this day and age with live streaming and communities that Formlabs doesn’t run its own discord like almost every other company out there… !

Its a great way to get the community involved and to really get exciting projects going as well as get feedback from it’s users. - I don’t know. “almost” like free market research …ya think??? -

It also lets them push contests and creative use cases.

You can sponsor live streams in which they can partner with artists to show creative work done on Formlabs products and showcase their new materials as they are released.

  • Follow Pixologic’s approach!!!

This gets people thinking of new ways to use their products better.

Since the original topics were closed …I will attempt to give this some oxygen and try to drum up support for a potentially great resource! - Here is the link -

Formlabs Community


I really wish that FL would really step up here!!! - your PR dept. really is missing out!

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