Formlabs Resin on Autodesk Ember


My lab recently bought an Autodesk Ember. We also have a Form 2 and I love the resin collection provided by Formlabs. Since the Ember is open source, I plan to use the Formlabs resin in it. Does anyone have any experience with this? Can anyone provide any recommendation on how to handle the Formlabs resin on the Ember? What settings to use, etc.?


You’d probably have to ask on an Autodesk forum

As you can see here: our 100 µm Clear v2 settings for Form 1+ are 62 mW at 1550mm/s spaced at 90 µm. That is, 62 mW/(1550 mm/s*.09 mm) = 44.44 mJ/cm^2. I’d start with settings like that.

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