Form3L Wash Station Modifications?


Hey All-

After some pestering of Formlabs, I finally received the proper 3L wash stations (versus the veggie baskets). Fit and finish could use some improvements, but what was more intriguing to me was the two nuts with flanges tack welded to the bottom. After playing with my bolt kit, I found out they are M3 threads.

I’m looking at taking advantage of these threads to put an air stone aeration system to agitate the IPA against the platform parts. Has anybody done something similar or does anybody have any ideas of what do with the two holes to make our own automated wash station?

All creative ideas welcome…


Did you get it for free?


Interesting wonder what those standoffs are for…

This is what I did with my food bucket. Also bought some magnet stirrers to accelerate mixing further.

Will probably migrate the parts over to the new wash station once I get it.


Yes. I just had to ask them.


@leonhart88 - That is ingenious. I wish I had done that with my bucket as well and I’m impressed by how much agitation you get from it. Very cool.

The entire design of the unit is a little baffling to me. The shape is wonky, but it’s as if it’s designed to fit into another housing (say a Form3L wash station?). The sides where the platform can hang from the handles are not symmetric and the right side at the hinge has a deepened notch with no explanation as to why it’s there. Good for us I guess since it’ll give us some creativity to put something in there (say an autofill pump w/ level switch?)

The entire shell is constructed of aluminum (in case anyone was curious).


Maybe it could be painted as smiley faces, like in this picture


Unless you are using an inert gas for the bubbler system I would not do that. You will be pumping oxygen thru a highly concentrated alcohol. In my mind that is a fire waiting to happen. You should consider a ultrasonic mixer or a spinning agitator.