Form1 helped us get an Oscar and a BAFTA for Interstellar


Hope to have a behind the scenes for Formlab to use but just wanted to say we use the original Form1 (now upgraded to a Form1+) for some of the parts we used to build the spaceships for Interstellar. All the 3D printed parts were done on desktop printers, or first time not using big industrial printers. We ran them constantly through the build process and they all worked great. The form1 was mainly used for detailed and organic pieces and also for speed. Thank you Formlabs for making an incredible bit of tech.


That’s so cool! I can’t wait to see the behind the scenes pictures.


Thank you for making these incredible visual effects ! Where can I buy/print TARS ?


I would love to do a story on this for Could you email me with more details?



That article has surfaced!


This is impressive, thanks for sharing


Totally agreed.