Form Wash/Cure - Internal controller

Hey! i was thinking about buying the Form Wash and Form Cure for my setup at home, i do want to run a few modifications on it though and i was wondering if anyone knows which type of controller is running the machine, i couldnt find any information about it on their product page. Thanks :slight_smile:

Both products are using an STM32F0 microcontroller.

They’re good machines (as one of the engineers that worked on them :slight_smile:) , but not particularly hackable – we don’t publish the firmware, schematics, etc.

What kind of modifications do you have in mind?


I was thinking of attempting to automate the process of printing -> washing -> curing, i have a Universal Robot UR3e robot arm that would be transporting my molds between the machines, what i was hoping for is to be able to use the wash and cure machine without using the turn knobs/buttons. Is there a way to do this? would i be able to run a parralel signal that controls the buttons from the pins on the microcontroller? or is there perhaps a way to do this through the USB?

Im open to any suggestions if you think there is another way i can achieve this :slight_smile:

Nice idea! Getting the parts off the build platform would probably remain as a manual step, though, and if I’m correct, that is best done between washing and curing, so that the raft doesn’t adhere even stronger to the build plate.

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The modifications i have in mind is basically to control the machines externally without having to use the physical buttons, whether this can be done through the pins on the microcontroller or the USB port is the question :slight_smile:

You have to blow off the parts right after they come out of the wash. Otherwise there will be sticky areas where the alcohol pools around supports and such.

The robot can turn the knobs on the wash and it could blow off the parts if it was programmed for the specific shape.

Let’s see some pics of your robot? I have a motoman UP6 that is in a polishing cell that I made.

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