Form printer inside a Cabinet...what do you think?

Hi guys!!
I am reorganizing my office and wanted to put the printer inside a cabinet, with a f drawer rails to be able to move it and open it without problems.

Do you see a good idea? it is dangerous? Does anyone have it?

just be careful when you open and close it so as not to slosh build material over the sides. so you will have to slide it open and closed slowly

Oh yes…good point… will buy Drawer runner, soft-closing from IKEA to use in a BESTA enclosure so there will be no problem I think

I would suggest that your cabinet should be big enough to hold the printer with the lid open, then there is no chance spillage from moving the printer. I have such a cabinet, which is also insulated for sound. The only problems I have found is that the printer tends to run hot and can reach 45ºC on the hottest day during the summer.

This is a great idea - I did the same to protect from dust and light : Pic here

I’d emphasise what billb said about the cabinet’s size -> Make sure you can open the printer and don’t take the FL’s specs dimensions for this.

I have a BESTA from IKEA 60x60x40cm so fits perfect…thansk guys, will post photos when finish!

You will need a cabinet that’s at least 80cm high if you want to open the lid inside. I couldn’t find a suitable ready-made cabinet so we built one that is 70 x 50 x 90cm.