Form labs 2 failing to print, hanging and displaying white screen

Hello All,

I am having issues printing with a Form 2. Once I upload the file and I start the print, it warms up fine and once it reaches the 35 degrees mark, I attempt to start the print, then it is just a blank white screen and nothing happens. I left it for a full day and it is in the same position, white screen and no motion. The only way to recover is to unplug, leave it for a few hours and then replug. at which point the print job is lost and must be reuploaded.

I have tried multiple times to print and still facing this issue. Any suggestions? The display is not faulty as it works fine until it starts printing.


Hi @Saif_kh,

Thanks for reaching out about this. I would advise taking a video of this behavior and sharing it with our Support Team along with the printer’s diagnostic logs. This will allow them to narrow down the issue further.