Form 3L scraping noises

Just got my machine up and running and the first print job failed…at 96% the laser started drawing 1" or so to the right of existing print…also after 2 hours of printing the LPU rails started making a loud scraping sound, like running a knife edge across a sanding stone. I have called support with no response. Sad start for a 10k machine :frowning:

It is okay. Not too bad.

Make sure no damage to the tank. It is an expansive tank though to replace.

Keep us posted for any updates.

3rd print also failed with same problem of layer shifting over 4 inches only after 10% of print cycle. print%20shift

Also damage has been done to resin tank on bottom, 1/4" stripe of scratches from front to back. damage%202

Now the resin tank is full of small bits of cured resin, whole tank with resin wasted, neither are cheap. :frowning:

Looks like something gets stuck there. The TPU didn’t move to the correct position.

I would say contact FL for a better solution. You may need to clean the tank now.

Try to print some small things to test the machine (then what’s the point to buy the 3L? if only print small things.)

the LPU was moving just fine, but LPU picked a random place to call home. that is why the print continued, just shifted over by 4 inches…

time to replace.

You are still under warranty. They will replace it with another machine.

So so far I know 3 person bought this machine, and two of the three have problem since the start of using.

The resin is not wasted, just use a 160 mesh paint filter to remove the floating cured resin. This is something you should do after every failed print.

Ouch…hopefully they get these things ironed out. Mine is supposed to ship at the end of next month.