Form 3L: Run Resin Mixture Every 24-48hrs In Sleep Mode

I have multiple printers, my Form 3L is the largest and I currently have 2 Anycubic Mono X for smaller parts. I might go 1-2 weeks without using the Form 3L and the other day I went to go print a large project and I looked into the VAT and noticed my Grey Resin separating. I thought no big deal when I start my print it should mix it all. So I shake both my Grey cartridges and start my print keeping an eye on the mixing. To my surprise it did NOT mix enough and was still separated right before the bed sunk all the way in. I immediately hit the stop print button! I started the print again and it went through mixing again and this time it had mixed everything so I let the print start.

Here you can see my last print before noticing the issue was Nov 9th. So in the span of only 5 days I started getting resin separation.

This can cause print failures or Print Weakness:
Resin Not Mixed

Also below is a video:
Form 3L failure to mix resin first time around

The FIX: I would propose a feature that can be turned ON/OFF for when the printer is in Standby Mode/Sleep for it to run the mixer every 24-48hrs. This would make sure that the resin is mixed enough so that when you go to print and the mixer mixes resin its fully mixed.

Other Solution: Run the mixer longer before start of print, but I think by letting the resin separate maybe it looses properties over time? This is just speculation as im not an engineer.

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