Form 3L Issues

I also received the email and a shipping notification of the new tank this morning. Should have it by early next week.

I received a V2 tank today. They have added a channel along the edge of the flexible membrane. The edges of the flexible membrane are prone to wrinkling, and I suspect that the channel will add some stiffness there. It might also act like a spring, and keep the rest of the membrain under more tension.


I also just noticed that another V1 tank died, just from sitting in the machine. It appears to have sagged under the weight of resin, and developed a nasty wrinkle at the edge. Hopefully, this won’t happen to the V2 tanks, but I might avoid storing tanks inside the printer when not in use.

And that’s all that was changed?
Btw, the photo doesn’t show (here at least).

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This is absolutely a reason to be excited. We’ve had 1 successful print from the 3L. I want so badly to just have ONE more.

Hi everyone!

We discovered this issue with the tank wrinkling earlier this year and have been working on a new design ever since. For some more background, the flexible film on some Form 3L Resin Tanks can wrinkle and cause print defects or failures. The issue affects resin tanks at random. Fortunately, the vast majority of Form 3L/3BL customers have not experienced this issue.

Right now, we have a new design (called Tank V2) that reduces the likelihood of the film wrinkling issue. Resin Tank V2 has gone through several months of extensive print testing and is in the final stages of validation. As a last step, we are running a beta program with select customers (including @SBaircraft). If validation continues to be successful, we expect to launch this product in late summer.

As a reminder, Form 3L resin tanks might look wrinkled when they are not inside a printer and in the tensioned state. These wrinkles are not a problem. The problematic wrinkles are ones that remain even when the tank is tensioned inside the printer. They’re usually difficult/impossible to see and only detectable via photos of your print.

As always, if you have any problems with your prints, please contact our support team. If your tank is causing the problem, we will be happy to replace it for you!

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I have no success at all with the black classic resin. Am I alone?
The rafts are stuck on the build plate as glass. I have hurt myself trying to get the parts off.
I had small debris on my floor… I have filtered the resin and cleaned the tank. I will not use it anymore and I will try grey resin instead. With my Form 3L, after 25 prints, I have 64% of success…:sweat::weary:

Same a few months ago for me. The first and last attempt using black especially due to the effort required to remove the rafts from the plate.
I thought it would be fixed by now but thank you for the heads-up. I’ll wait a few more months before my next attempt.

I haven’t had any issues printing in black. Maybe try a different tank? They’ve had issues with their v1 tanks.

You are welcome. I am writing here; if it could help somebody.

Yes, you are right. I had problems with my first Tough 2000 resin tank. And I have changed it.
I still have 5 V1 resin tanks.
It don’t really know if I want to try more this black resin anymore. I will think about it. Because I would like to try the grey resin. Even with my Phrozen Transform, I did not have success with black resin. But no problem with my Form 2.

Black resin can be tricky, especially if it’s been sitting idle for a very long time - the pigment will settle, so you need to shake the cartridge and/or mix the tank thoroughly. Sometimes the built-in mixing isn’t enough to scrap the pigment off the bottom of the film.

Man that sucks Billucas!

My 3L has been sitting idle for almost a month now. Sticking to the Form 2 for a bit until a lot of this stuff is resolved.

So far just an expensive paper weight.


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Yes, as you are saying. :slight_smile:
I know that a lot of time it’s the guy in front of the 3d printer the problem.
But when I obtain a result like this, I don’t think it’s me the problem in that case.

Yesterday, I have printed with clear resin with a great success. But the rafts are still breakable.
I had to break the rafts in small pieces.

Well, I guess that some resin parameters are still beta, like FL is advising us. I will work more with the mini-bases.
For me, this seems to be over-exposure for the first bottom layers, no matter if it’s a large or small part to print.

Thank you for your explanations.


We never want you to have a bad experience with any of our resins! If you haven’t already, be sure to reach out to our support team. They may be able to get you a new tank which will work better with black resin!

I am sure FL wants the best for his customers. I have no doubt! :smiley:
I am working with my reseller for now and will probably contact support too.
Thank you for suggesting!

Here my thought about this situation. I am sorry again, English is my second language.

This is a 3d printer with an average price, not cheap.
The printer looks great and is well design.
We like the cartridges and resin tanks principle.
We have a great support response generally. People are kind with me. They also have sent replacements. Thank you for that.
We buy FL products when we don’t want to play with settings.

The product Form 3L isn’t complete for reliability, presently for me.
A lot of first buyers are still experimenting the printer, I presume.
We don’t have an extended warranty offered by FL. Only the one year that is coming with.
The V1 version resins tanks are not all reliables. Could FL change them all with V2 version before we are experiencing problems that with don’t know why?
The resins settings are still beta; it may occured some fail prints. We all experiencing differents results. Some are good and others aren’t. The supports are a bit smaller than Form 2 but Preform put more of them on the parts.
My Build Platform is scratch more than normal and than my Form 2. Because the rafts are stuck on it to well with some resins.

Like I said before, I know it’s a work in progress.
I am trying to offer a good service bureau, but I can’t right now. I loose a lot of time and I’m having some fails prints or problems. I am not a newbie. Just to precise, it’s been 6 years since I am 3d printing and made thousand of parts, up to now. With my Form 2, with black resin, I’ve made around 125 prints, approximately 300 parts, with not much problems.

I’m not angry, but just want to explain the customer side situation. I hope I am clear and helpful. We have to be constructive.
Pursue your good work FL. You are doing great products.

Thank you for understanding. We all appreciate. :slightly_smiling_face:


New firmware available:

  • Added the ability to print cleaning meshes
  • Improved cartridge dispense behavior
  • Improved tank detection
  • Improved build platform detection
  • Improved cartridge detection
  • Various bug fixes

Finally a cleaning mesh!
All other improvements are the same as in the Form 3 firmware update.

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I’ve noticed that, with the new firmware, the 3L prints faster.
I updated the firmware in the middle of repetitive prints and before the upgrade I had an average of 11:16 per print and after I got an average of 9:45 which means about 90 minutes faster.

Another thing I noticed is that the tank no longer fills at the start of a print. I do getting the “Filling tank” process but it goes to “Preparing tank” after 2 sweeps. Might be a coincidence but, since each print uses about 240ml, previously it would fill the tank before starting the print. Obviously this makes more sense (fill it during a print) and results in a faster printing time but the 90 minutes faster times I had aren’t for this alone (which would take 10~15 minutes).

Print quality was exactly the same so no complaints :slight_smile:

Eks, good to hear. Like i stated before i haven’t printed with mine in a while. I did notice that the tank reading is correct now and so seems to be the resin level. I will have to test it when i get a chance again.

Hopefully it’s good to go now. With your print how is the seam line coming out now?

On mine the tank reading is still very incorrect.
I get a cartridge empty warning with still about 100 to 200ml in it. I did tared it again after the new firmware but no luck.

Regarding the seamline, I’m only using Rigid 4000 which always showed no seamline so I can’t say about those that show if it improved or not.

Hey just an update on this. Google just released a new battery powered (rechargeable) webcam with a magnetic mounting base. Since it is fully wireless, I’m trying it out on the inside of the printer.

Should work. I’ve been using the rechargeable Eufy ones and they do their job inside everything (the Form 3, the 3L, Beambox, etc). The only downside is having to charge them every 6 months or so.

I’ll check if that Google one is better and if it can work blocked from the internet as any Google hardware should be.

Thank you for the heads-up!