Form 3L in MA needs a home

I have a Form 3L that suffered a resin spill and I’ve tried to clean it repeatedly with mixed success, but I am throwing in the towel. It prints ok in the front of the build plate but has a hairline defect in the rear LPU. It is located in Milford, MA and if anyone wants to come take it off my hands, it is free to the first comer.


If this is still available I’d be happy to take it!

I’ve had a person from Ohio Interested in taking it but he hasn’t given me a formal “yes I’m coming” yet. So as far as I’m concerned it is still up for grabs.

All the best,

Jonathan Augusto

I’m in Mass so I can come pick it up tomorrow or over the weekend if that works for you. Also, are you getting rid of tanks/resin as well? If so I’d also be happy to take those as well.


The Form 3L is still in service ( I actually printed something this morning. I don’t have the original box and it is a good 200 lbs so you will want assistance moving it. I would also put town a drop cloth in your car because there is still some resin on the underside of the printer where I could not easily reach to clean. It’s about 31 x 21 x 30 inches in sze (LxWxH). I have some accessories for it that you can have if you choose. I have 5 resin tanks used with different resins: one Clear, one White, one Flexible 80, one Elastic, and one Robust Champagne (from Apply Labwork

I also have 4 Resin containers that I’ve converted to universal with the ProtoArt kit:



](ProtoART - Products)

Two of these are for the Robust Champagne. Two other were for Apply Labworks Black

The Resin Tanks with Clear, Flexible and White are all new V2 Tanks. The Elastic and The Robust Champagne are old V1 tanks and I wouldn’t trust them for much longer if at all.
I’m keeping my resins as I figure I can use those with any resin printer I get as a replacement.

The address is Milford Animal Hospital- 329 West Street, Milford, MA 01757

I will contact the other guy in Ohio if you think you will come tomorrow for it. I’d just want to specify a time so it won’t be too disruptive to the business.

All the best,

Jonathan Augusto

So it turns out I won’t be able to pick it up on Friday, but I will be able to pick it up any time over the weekend or next week. Whatever time works best for you I can be there, and I’ll take the 3 V2 tanks.


So it turns out the person who contacted me first will be coming tomorrow to pick it up. So it is no longer available.

Alright, if anything changes and it becomes available again let me know.


Will do…

All the best,

Jonathan Augusto

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