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Form 3 Unboxing and First Impressions!


I preordered start 2nd of May 2019, and I still have no email, regarding when it will be dispatched. Hope it gives you an idea, my guess is somewhere middle of August for me… let’s see.


I think they’re a month behind, I ordered mine around April 18th and got an e-mail recently that it would ship around August 19th. May be faster or slower depending if they get delayed but they’re trying to increase their production capacity based upon the e-mail.


I ordered around the same time and so far, crickets. Please let me know when yours ships?


Sure, no problem.


Purchased mine a few days into May via phone order and the associate entered it as delivery for this week (July 15) on return from vacation. We’ll see if phone order schedules are any tighter than web orders I suppose.


I love my Form2 and I really like the company BUT if they ship these out of order, as I suspect is the case, it will be like lifting the curtain in the Wizard of Oz and finding the little cricket-like aliens from MIB running the show. This is partly why I stopped funding Kickstarter and indiegogo campaigns, that and getting ripped off. For the ones that do fulfill the awards, I found many pay no attention to the order hierarchy.


Ordered April 10th, got an email notice on June 28th that the printer would ship around August 5-9th.


Well, that escalated quickly.



I’m just getting a sense that adherence to the order of the, eh, orders, is not a priority. I’ve read several comments from people that ordered within a few days of when I did receiving notice on when to expect delivery whereas I have not. I’ve also tracked a few orders well ahead of mine for the purpose of establishing a time line of when they ordered and when they received the email, By those accounts, I should have received my email.

I’m waiting but if it (the email) doesn’t come within a week…it will look a lot like a crowd funded campaign.


Ordered on 19th April, it was said to be around end june/early july.
Got a mail on 9th July saying to be delivered “on or before 23rd August”.

Just right enough time to seek alternative and cancel my kickstarter pledge.


I’m not cancelling either of my orders, I’m just annoyed. My expectations weren’t set by me, they were set by Formlabs. Formlabs determined when to start the pre-sale and the advertised delivery dates, estimated or otherwise. Misjudging targets like this is indicative of a fledgling company or crowd funding campaigns, not a company that’s been around long enough to have two iterations in the market place.

Oh well. I’ll continue to wait and gather data on when ordered were made and shipped.


The treadlocking compound they used on those thumbscrews is insane … I thought I was breaking something when I tried to remove them. I had to use the Allen wrench, there was no way they were coming out by hand.


Thanks for the first impressions. I can’t wait to see how it compares to Form 2 in terms of usability and print quality.


We want to see some (real) printed stuff…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


You clearly don’t deal with software companies… (where years late is common, though the don’t presell usually I’ll admit) :smiley:


I just got my email. I am rethinking my commitment to keeping this order. Why are others whose order was within a few days of mine being given a date a month sooner? This is really reminding me of a campaign and not even a Kickstarter campaign…more like an indoegogo campaign.

Hi there,

We’re reaching out to let you know that your Form 3 order will ship later than our original estimated ship date. Customer demand for the Form 3 has been stronger than expected, leading to this unforeseen delay. We’re working around the clock to increase our production capacity and avoid any future delays.

The estimated ship date for your Form 3 order is now on or before September 13, 2019.

We understand that this delay will impact your workflow and for that we’re sorry. We want you to experience the best service possible from Formlabs and we regret that we were unable to meet your expectations.

If you have any questions or concerns please respond to this message to get in contact with our support team. Thank you for your patience. We’re looking forward to delivering your Form 3 to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your business and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.


Clay Siegert
Head of Customer Operations


I’m sure they will not miss you as a customer, considering that “customer demand for the Form 3 has been stronger than expected.”

If you don’t like their business practices, then I fail to see why you don’t move on to another 3D printer.


Clay Siegert hate you.


Must have put you to the back of the line when they saw you complaining on the forums…


Dear Clay,

You are my favorite person on the whole planet.