Form 3 Referral FORM3-8XCHYT Save $500


I’ve seen a few people requesting referral codes or some seeking to purchase them off of eBay when they are free and readily available. Also posting for those unaware of the program to save themselves $500 off of a Form 3 purchase (buyer must call Formlabs and place the order via phone to use referrals). The person referring gets $500 of free accessories from Formlabs so it is mutually beneficial. Others feel free to post your codes as I would like to spread the love! Happy printing to all.

Referral Code: FORM3-8XCHYT
Formlabs Sales (United States) Number: 1 (617)-702-8476


Mine is FORM3-OFN6GF and I’m in Vancouver Canada :slightly_smiling_face:


Anyone looking to buy a Form 3 should read this feed first:


Agreed. Everybody should be aware of issues the Form 3 has had especially early on. Print speeds and some issues with quality especially on certain resins appear to be the big culprits. They have been slowly fixing issues through firmware and support. It is still a great machine that many are enjoying and will continue to evolve over the years.


Awesome, glad to have you! Are you currently using a Form 3 yourself?


Yup! Both Form 2 and 3!


You can also use the referral codes with resellers.


That’s great information, I was not aware of that. Thank you.


Just out of curiosity does anybody know how to figure out who used your referral code? Lets just say you wanted to offer an incentive for using your particular code, can you find out a user ID or such to verify their use so you can appropriately compensate them? I see the ads on ebay all the time of people selling their codes and offering incentives such as money for using their codes. I was considering offering a promotion to use my code but I want to ensure that I can deliver and not just offer empty promises. Thanks in advance for any advice.


Here’s my referral code if anyone needs a new code: FORM3-ZOKAXP


Below is another referral code if you need a new one :slight_smile:

phone: (617) 245-4486

please note to activate any referral code you need to call Formlabs at the number above


Just posting for those that don’t know, Formlabs is changing their referral to only be $250 off of a Form 3 and $250 in materials for the person who refers them. So anybody looking to take advantage of $500 off a Form 3 or get $500 in materials should act before Feb 15th! Remember you must call Formlabs sales to place the order to use this program. I’ve also heard it works with third party vendors as well.

Referral Code: FORM3-8XCHYT
Formlabs Sales (United States) Number: 1 (617)-702-8476