Form 3 Platform v. Form 2 Platform

As far as I can tell these are identical components, but the store has a 3 month lead time on the Form 3 build platform and in-stock for the Form 2 platform…:man_shrugging:

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I believe the Form 3 BP has a way of making sure the printer knows it is installed. Its almost like a pin that gets pushed down. So the BP for Form 3 will work in the 2 as well, however I am not sure the Form 2 BP will work for the 3. I may be wrong though. I know that the Form 3 does recognize when it has a BP inserted or not and wont let you print until it recognizes one.

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There is a pin switch on the Form 3 but both platforms trigger it (i am using old platforms on my Form 3 now), see picture.


The build platforms for Form 2 and Form 3 are identical. Thanks for catching the issue. Our web store team will correct the lead time.