Form 2 for sale - parts?

Not sure if there is a market for this, but I have a form 2 and can’t for the life of me get the small internal mirrors clean. If someone wants to take this off my hands, reach out. Vancouver, Canada.

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Hi Selena,

I just wanted to reach out with some galvo cleaning tips in case there is anything here that you haven’t tried yet; I know that cleaning the mirrors can sometimes be pretty pesky. I hope this helps!

The most common cause of contamination after one (or more) cleanings on the galvo mirrors is streaking. This occurs when the swab deposits IPA on the surface of the mirror and evaporates, leaving a streak that can obstruct the optical path just as much as other contamination. Here are a few tips we’ve gathered that can help reduce streaking to improve the results of your cleaning:

  1. Be sure to just barely wet the swab with IPA. If you use too much, the swab may leave streaks on the mirrors.
  2. Gently scrub the mirror with your swab and follow up immediately with a clean, dry swab. This also helps prevent streaking, and removes any partially-dissolved residue left behind by the first.
  3. Repeat the cleaning procedure 2-3 times before you close the printer, waiting a few seconds in between each to allow the mirrors to dry. This will ensure you’ve removed as much contamination as possible and will save you time should the mirrors require more than one pass.

Hi Corey, thanks for reaching out. I tried this a few times with no luck :(. Will give it one more try, but pretty frustrated with the whole thing.

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