Form 2 Expert Needed in Tucson, AZ for 1/11-1/14

Our company is supplying Form 2 printers for a university hackathon.

Anybody know any Form 2 experts in the Tucson, AZ area that can help us run the printers the weekend of 1/11-1/14? Compensation (possibly travel and lodging) will be provided. Thanks!

Can you send us a bit more information on the event (DM or otherwise)? We might be able to help out and are interested in where this is being hosted and how many attendees you’re expecting.

@Frew it’s at the University of Arizona, Tucson and will have 1K attendees. Four of us will be on-site to help operate the printers but we have a very elementary knowledge. We’d like an expert on hand for more complex questions from the participants. Please email me

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