Form 1+ Resin and Resin Tank FOR SALE

Grey Photopolymer Resin (1L) x 2;
White Photopolymer Resin (1L) x 2;
Clear Photopolymer Resin (1L) x 1;
Tough Photopolymer Resin (1L) x 1;
Flexible Photopolymer Resin (500ml) x 1;

Resin @ $75 each;

Resin Tank x 3 @ $25 each;

All items are NEW;

Ship from Hong Kong, Shipping cost excluded

Are these FormLabs products or 3rd party, aftermarket?

It is original Formulas products.

I sent the OP a private message asking for pricing with shipping inclusive, and the method of payment. Here was the response:


$35 each for Resin Tank, you can send cash to me. For shipping, I can ship via DHL or Fedex with payment pay by receiver, or using your A/C, or check with DHL or Fedex.

Don’t need the Resin?

It is all Original purchase from Formlabs.

So, not only did the price go up by $10 for the tanks, he also wants cash, and he sends the package DHL or FEDex with reversed shipping charges???

Why do I smell something unpleasant in the air???

Please note I do not have PayPal, how can you paid me? The price do not include shipping cost, the best way is ship via DHL or Fedex with payment pay by receiver. The price listed is if you take all items, sorry for the confusion.

I do not have experience on sell thing online and/or oversea.

Sorry for any confusion.

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