Form 1 for Sale, Vermont

Hi Folks,

I wasn’t sure if this is the place to list this or not, but I’ve got a form 1 for sale in Vermont. It’s from the original Kickstarter. Works fine, my interests have just moved on. I’m hoping to move it in the next month or two.

Happy to ship wherever.

Please let me know if you are interested. I’ve got all the finishing equipment and one new bottle of clear resin and one opened bottle of clear resin.

Thank you!

How much are you looking to get? I had a Form1+. I am assuming this is the original?

You bet, it’s the original one from the KickStarter. I’m watching a few on ebay to find out what kind of value they are still commanding. I’d like with $1,800 + shipping. I really dislike haggling as I’m no good at it, so this is the price, it’s under what I’ve seen others go for as I’m interested in finding a new home for it.

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