Form 1+ For Sale (UK)

Form 1+ for sale

I haven’t really managed to get the hang of it so better for someone to get the benefit of it.

Four tanks
Variety of resins
Original box etc
Can ship to UK
£1200 ono

I’m looking for a Form 1+.
Are you UK based?
Did you but the printer new?

Many thanks,

Yes I’m in the UK and I purchased new

Great, thanks for getting back to me.

I’m based in Middlesbrough but I can travel to collect if shipping is a problem.
Would you be happy to post photos of your machine and kit?

Hi there, any news on your printer, still for sale?

Yes still for sale - are you interested?

Yes, where are you based?
I’d like to see the machine and parts, can you forward me some photos?
My email is:


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