FOR SALE: Unopened Form 1. USA (NYC area)


I am interest. How much? Please send mail to me.

Hi Enzo,

I already contacted Greg Hoge days ago and he hasn’t even replied, so I can only assume that he has sold his printer already.

I also contacted Greg. As of late last week it was still available. He is on travel and said he would be slow to respond. I decided to pass as he was asking $4500.

I agree with the USD4500 purchase of this Form One if Greg agrees. I am very urgent need of a From One. I hope you can help.

Hey guys.  Sorry I have been MIA because of travel for work.  I am back home now.  Here are some pictures of the printer and finish kit.

It is available on a first come, first served basis.

I think I just replied to everyone that inquired about the printer.  If I missed you, just shoot me a quick email.  Now that I am home, I will be much quicker to respond to emails.


Printer is Sold.