Food safe resins

This question has been asked before, but there seem to be new dental resins out there. Are any of the current dental resins able to be used as moulds for food? Looks like the long-term dental resin might be an option?

Hi @selena, we have not tested any of the resins for food safety, so do not recommend them for use with food.

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@arusso Do you have any plans to develop / test resins for food safe purposes in the future?

I have the same question. I need a food safe clear resin.

Its an interesting question, and one which reflects the current mess with the regulation of 3D printed medical materials.

The reality is that the 2D print market has established standards that limits materials that are in contact with food stuffs (for example printed packaging that comes into contact with food) They have published lists of chemicals that are not acceptable (For example - Swiss Annex and Nestle compliant materials), yet many of those chemicals are used in bio - medical 3D printed parts

There is strong evidence that these discrepancies are being addressed, but that takes time with the regulators.

The 2D printing industry has a lot of experience with UV cured materials in the printing process, they spend a lot of money on insuring that standards are met (that is money spent on vigorous testing) Don’t forget that 2D printing is simply the printing of a single layer of what we print (Thicknesses of the 2D printed layer can range from a few microns to many hundreds of microns)

If you want a food safe resin, the starting point has to be to ensure that the raw chemicals for the resin are compliant and recognised as safe, and that AFTER post cure and processing the residuals of anything deemed harmful are below acceptable thresholds(as listed in the various standards)

The only way that can be done is through proper and thorough testing by the resin manufacturer through an approved and competent test facility. Thats expensive!!

For some more information - this is a good place to start


Thanks @Dxxxx for the super detailed response!

Perfect detailed answer:)

I wouldn’t risk it so much, better wait for the research