Dishwasher safe resin

Does Form Labs have a resin that would be safe in a dishwasher? The high-temp resin would withstand the temperature of the hot water, but is it food-grade (I don’t want to poison myself)? Also, would the standard resin withstand the temperature and also be food-grade?

strong no


Food safety in 3D printing tends to be a challenging topic. While we do have bio-compatible materials like DentalSG, continuous use can eventually allow bacteria to build up in small fissures between layer lines. This is why it’s integral to fully UV cure and sterilize DentalSG prior to use.

High Temperature Resin isn’t certified bio-compatible and is vulnerable to the same issue of bacteria buildup between layer lines. There are a few options for food safe 3D Printing. One of the less reliable might be to encapsulate your part in a certified food safe coating. This also eliminates those fissures between layer lines and a few products exist on the market though I’m unsure of their temperature resistance.

One of the more robust methods is to make a mold and cast something like a food safe silicone into the mold. @BJBenterprises has a number of great posts on the forums regarding cold casting. Ceramic Resin is currently in development but when released, you can theoretically fire and glaze your part for a food safe print.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I was just reading up on 3D printed moulds. Form Labs did a joint white paper with Galomb which is a great read and can be found here.

Injection molding is always a great option if you have the capacity. I was more referring to cold-casting of silicone which is much lighter in terms of equipment needs.

Maybe buy a used dishwasher and dedicate it to 3D print washing?