First Two Test Prints [SUV + Elephant]

Hello all,

Happy to be a part of the official group here with the arrival of my Form 1 earlier this week. I am a freelance 3D Illustrator and have been building tons of little worlds and vehicles the past few years, most for fun, some for clients. After saving up for well over a year and researching 3D printers for even longer, I decided to invest. Well, it finally arrived Wednesday morning. I’ve not spent as much time as I’d like with it due to workload, but I will soon. I’ve managed to send a few test prints through, these little guys being the most successful so far. They’re far from perfect but I’m learning.

SUV: 4.5 hour build with quality set at .05 resolution. - about 2" in length [each]

A few casualties: tried one sitting flat on platform [with supports] and one with suggested auto-orient. AO obviously did better but still lost his left-side mirror. Other one had a blow-out in the front right tire, didn’t print much there but a flat, crushed cylinder.

Elephant: 9.3 hour build with quality set at .1 resolution - 4" in length

A few casualties: guessing from the weight/awkward angle of the supports: his head split into two pieces and lost his main trunk. It’s barely hanging on, going to have to glue together using resin + laser pointer.

Ideally/eventually, the goal is to start making [possibly selling] small toys. That is, once I figure this thing out and wrap my head around what works and what doesn’t. I’m really excited to finally have this little machine in my life. Thanks for looking.

PS: Just uploaded original renders for reference.